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Checking In

Check-in times and counter locations

Please allow 90 minutes for check-in at the following airports:

Please allow 60 minutes for check-in at the following airports:

  • Dawson City Airport
  • Inuvik Airport
  • Old Crow Airport

Remember that it is always better to be a few minutes early than a few minutes late!

At the airport, have your photo ID ready for the check-in agent. If you've checked in online and are checking baggage, please have your boarding passes printed or available on your mobile device. We can also print them for you, if needed. It's worthwhile to take a moment to make sure you're familiar with our checked and carry-on baggage policies prior to departure. They're available here, and differ based on the aircraft type and route served.

We reserve the right to deny boarding if you check-in less than 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

Seat Assignments

Boeing 737

Advance seat assignment is available at the time of purchase up to the departure time for a fee of $15.75–$16.95 per passenger, including tax ($15 + GST/HST). Seat assignment is also available 24 hours prior to departure via online check-in, as well as during check-in at the airport.

Hawker Siddeley 748

As aircraft configuration and the number of seats varies between flights, we're not able to offer advance seat selection on flights served by Hawker Siddeley 748 aircraft.

Identification Policy

Please refer to our Identification & Travel Documents section.

Student Travel

Travelling as a young adult adds additional responsibility. However following the travel tips below will make your travel that much more enjoyable and stress free.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to make your flight. Allow at least 90 minutes prior to flight departure to check-in.
  • Proper Government-issued photo ID is a must. Air North is a ticketless airline, however, in order to check-in, board or to advance through security you will be asked to provide a minimum of 2 pieces of ID. One must be a valid Government-issued photo ID that includes your date of birth, name and gender.
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