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Identification & Travel Documents

Travel Within Canada

All passengers aged 18 and over are required to present at the gate, during boarding, one piece of valid government-issued photo identification showing their name, date of birth and gender. If you don't have a valid government-issued photo identification available, then two pieces of valid government-issued non-photo identification will be required, and one of them must show your name, date of birth and gender.

Please note: Yukon's new secure driver's licence and general identification card released on November 1, 2010 meets all the requirements of a valid, one piece, government-issued photo identification (name, date of birth and gender).

Yukon's old driver's licence and general identification card (laminated version, issued prior to November 1, 2010) currently does not include gender, therefore our customers using the old Yukon drivers licence will also be required to provide a second piece of government approved identification that includes gender.

Lost or Stolen Identification

It is recommended that anyone who has lost his or her identification or that has had it stolen must present documentation from a government or police service attesting to the loss or theft of the identification. Passengers should also include any other form of identification to accompany the police report.

Accepted valid government-issued photo identification and non-photo identification

  • passport
  • citizenship card
  • permanent-resident card
  • driver's licence
  • provincial/territorial health card
  • provincial/territorial identity card
  • provincial or territorial government identification cards (GICs)
  • birth certificate
  • Record of Landing Form/Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292)
  • immigration documents issued to foreign nationals (e.g., Work Permit, Study Permit, Visitor Record, Temporary Resident Permit, Refugee Approved Status)
  • Canadian military identification
  • federal police identification
  • federal, provincial, and municipal government employee identification cards
  • Old Age Security (OAS) identification card
  • Certificate of Indian Status (Status Card) issued by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)
  • Canada Border Services Agency NEXUS card
  • firearms license

For more information on the type of identification which will be accepted for air travel, as per the identity screening requirements, please visit the link below:


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