Air North, Yukon’s Airline Modifies Overweight, Oversized, and Excess Checked Baggage Policy

WHITEHORSE, YT – 25 June 2020 - Air North, Yukon’s Airline announces a change in fee structure for overweight, oversized, and excess checked baggage

Air North, Yukon’s Airline has made modifications to its overweight, oversized, and excess checked baggage policy effective 25 June 2020. We are pleased to continue offering our passengers the flexibility to fly with up to four checked bags. In an effort to move towards becoming a greener operation, fees for overweight, oversized, and/or excess baggage are incurred due to the higher costs associated with operating a heavier aircraft. An aircraft that is loaded with less luggage will operate more efficiently, reducing overall emissions and fuel consumption.

Overweight Baggage

A $40 CAD fee will apply to checked baggage that exceeds the stated weight limit on the respective aircraft.

On the Boeing 737 aircraft, any one item exceeding 50lbs will be subject to the $40 CAD fee. On the ATR-42 turboprop aircraft, checked baggage exceeding the combined 44lbs weight limit will be charged the $40 CAD fee. The maximum weight of a single piece accepted at the check-in counter remains 70lbs. Heavier items are still required to be shipped via cargo and are subject to the applicable cargo rates.

Oversized Baggage

The maximum dimensions (length + width + height) for checked baggage is 62 inches or 158 centimeters. Checked baggage exceeding this total will be subject to the $40 CAD fee.

Excess Baggage

We are pleased to continue to offer two complimentary checked bags across all of our fare classes. Each additional checked bag is subject to a fee of $40 CAD. Passengers are entitled to up to four pieces of luggage each, including excess bags.

If all three fees apply to a single bag, where a passenger has brought an additional bag that is both oversize and overweight, the passenger will be charged a maximum fee of $80 CAD. Overweight, oversized, and excess baggage fees are applicable on all scheduled flights, across tickets purchased in all fare classes.

As always, we thank you for choosing Air North, Yukon’s Airline, and we look forward to seeing you onboard in the future.

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