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Cargo Products & Info

Air North Cargo offers you shipping solutions for your General and Priority Air Cargo as well as those small but important parcels via our Gold Rush Pac.

Air North's frequent and reliable service provides you with convenient pickup/drop-off locations. With frequent flights and a "next available flight guarantee" for your shipment, your important package will be at its destination without delay.

With our Cargo service there is no quicker way to get your shipment to it's destination.

  • Convenient and frequent departures from all supported airports.
  • Great service at affordable prices.
  • Cargo friendly - cargo can be taken directly to any of our cargo offices and quickly processed while you wait.

Cargo Products

GOLD RUSH PAC (Envelope 0-5 lbs) - Cargo Counter to Cargo Counter

The most cost-effective way to send items under 5lbs are our GoldRushPac envelopes. From documents to small objects, your items may be delivered to Air North Cargo up to 90 minutes prior to the flight, and will be rushed to the destination cargo office. Delivery is available in most destinations for an additional charge.

$19.99 + fees and taxes

General Air Cargo

For economical but fast delivery, Air North's General Air Cargo option is the best way to fly your cargo where it needs to go.

General Air Cargo - Starting from $28 + fees and taxes.

Priority Air Cargo

If ensuring that your cargo gets there as quickly as possible is a necessity, Priority Air Cargo will ensure it gets there as quickly as possible and at the most affordable rate.

Priority Air Cargo - Starting from $42 + fees and taxes.

Guaranteed Air Cargo

The fastest possible means, wherein your Cargo is guaranteed to travel on the next available flight. This option is available on all of our southern operations, between Whitehorse and Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa.

Guaranteed Air Cargo - Starting from $55 + fees and taxes.

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Cargo Charters

Big moves require big space and reliable equipment! Air North Cargo Charters can help. With a fleet of Boeing 737 jets and Hawker Siddeley 748 combi turboprop aircraft, we are well equipped to handle large moves, be it passenger, cargo or a combination of both.

The Hawker Siddeley 748 turboprop has the ability to land on sealed, gravel or ice airstrips, and bulk load up to 1,400 cubic feet of cargo. Further cargo specifications for the Hawker Siddeley 748 turboprop may be found on our Fleet page.

The Boeing 737-200 combi features a large cargo door and can be configured to accommodate a wide range of passengers, cargo or both. Ice and gravel runway equipped, this versatile jet aircraft is ready to meet the needs of today's customer. Our friendly and knowledgable Air North charter staff are happy to assist you in arranging your your charter.

Fuel Surcharge

At Air North, fuel is our largest single expense, representing 24% of revenues during 2006. Stated another way, out of each one way passenger fare, about $60 was used to buy the fuel, and for each lb. of cargo revenue, more than $0.30 was used to buy the fuel. Looking at it yet another way, during 2006, each passenger "costs" about 85 litres of fuel to fly and each lb. of cargo "costs" about 0.5 litres of fuel to fly. It is easy to see that a $0.10/l change in the price of fuel impacts us by about $8.50/passenger and by about $0.05/lb for cargo.

Since fuel prices tend to fluctuate significantly and unexpectedly, in order to maintain pricing consistency we use a surcharge to adjust for fuel cost changes - up or down. We use the "Q" surcharge on both passenger tickets and on our cargo charges to account for fuel price changes along with changes in other large expense items such as Nav Canada fees and Insurance costs.

Most of our fuel purchase costs are indexed to either the LA Pipe or the US Gulf Coast Price Indexes, and our current month costs are established at the beginning of each month based upon the average price index during the previous month. Our current month's pricing is used to calculate the next month's surcharge. This methodology will allow us to recover cost increases and to pass on cost savings promptly to our customers, but with enough notice to allow them to adjust the pricing of their own products as required.

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Interline Cargo Partners

Require efficient national or international shipment?

To better serve you, our valued cargo customer, Air North has secured strategic interline partnerships with national and international carriers to make your next cargo shipment as seamless and reliable as possible. Speak to our cargo team about your requirements.

Click here for contact information of your nearest office.

Liability & Insurance

Air North's liability is limited to $0.50/lb (based on actual weight) or a maximum of $50.00CAD per shipment for lost or damaged shipments, unless a higher value is declared and applicable insurance charges are paid.

Cargo Insurance

Air North offers insurance for loss or damage to your cargo shipment at a cost of 4% of the insured value. All shipments must be properly packaged for transport in order to be insured. Air North does not insure freight which by its intrinsic nature is of very high value. This includes such items as gold, gemstones, jewelery (including watches), cash, negotiables, artwork, furs etc.

For more information on insurance, contact our Cargo team at (867) 668.2228 ext. 2 or toll free in North America 1.800.661.0407 ext. 2.

Cargo Offices & Facilities

Depending on the type of cargo you are shipping you may require special features such as a cooler, freezer or forklift services.

Our cargo offices may be able to accommodate your needs, however not all cargo offices are equipped the same. The table below lists the features available at each one of our cargo offices and provides links to the contact details of each.

  Cooler Freezer Bonded Space De-Ice Equipment Contact Details
Vancouver Yes Yes
(small items only)
Yes No Click here »
Kelowna No No No No Click here »
Calgary Yes Yes Yes No Click here »
Edmonton Yes Yes
(small items only)
No No Click here »
Ottawa Yes Yes Yes Yes Click here »
Whitehorse Yes Yes Yes Yes Click here »
Dawson City No No Yes No Click here »
Old Crow No No No No Click here »
Inuvik Yes Yes Yes No Click here »
Yellowknife Yes Yes Yes Yes Click here »

Remember it is not just where you are shipping from, but also where you are shipping to that will impact the facilities you may require. 

Ask our Cargo Team to assist you for the best routing and times for your cargo shipment, or for general enquiries, call Air North Cargo at (867) 668.2228 ext. 2 or toll free in North America 1.800.661.0407 ext. 2.

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