Cargo Products

From highly affordable to remarkably fast options, Air North Cargo has a range of rates to suit your shipment and budget. And if your items need to travel beyond our network to other points in Canada, our interline agreements with other carriers make it easy to ship seamlessly almost anywhere in the country.

Gold Rush Pac (Envelope 0-5 lbs) - Cargo Counter to Cargo Counter

Gold Rush Pac envelopes are the most cost-effective way to send items, such as documents or small objects that weigh 5 lbs or less. They can be shipped out up to 90 minutes prior to the flight, and rushed to the destination cargo office—where delivery is available for an additional fee. (Please note: Delivery not available from all cargo offices.)

$29.99 + fees and taxes.

General Air Cargo

For an economical but quick shipment. 

Starting from $39.99 + fees and taxes.

Priority Air Cargo

Faster shipping times at an affordable rate. 

Starting from $54.99 + fees and taxes.

Guaranteed Air Cargo

The fastest way we can ship, where your cargo will be carried on the next available flight—guaranteed. This shipment method is available exclusively on our jet routes. (Please note: Between Whitehorse and Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Yellowknife and Ottawa. Please note, our Yellowknife and Ottawa routes are seasonal.)

Starting from $69.99 + fees and taxes.

Please note: All cargo shipments must be prepaid.

Liability Insurance

Our cargo liability is limited to $0.50 per lb (based on actual weight), or a maximum of $50 per shipment for lost or damaged shipments—unless a higher value is declared and applicable insurance charges are paid. (Please note: All prices in Canadian dollars.)

Cargo Offices and Facilities

Depending on the type of cargo you are shipping, you may require services such as a cooler, freezer or forklift. Features available at our cargo offices, as well as contact details, are below.

Don’t forget to review what is available from both the location you are shipping from and the location you are shipping to—as not all stations are able to offer the same services.


Airport Cooler Freezer Bonded Space
Vancouver Yes Yes (small items only) Yes
Kelowna No No No
Please note: perishables presently not accepted for shipment to Victoria
No No No
Calgary Yes Yes (small items only) Yes
Edmonton Yes Yes (small items only) No
Whitehorse Yes Yes Yes
Dawson City Yes Yes Yes
Old Crow No No No
Inuvik Yes Yes Yes
Yellowknife Yes Yes Yes

Cargo Cut-Off Times

For flights departing Whitehorse, Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Yellowknife, and Ottawa
Cut-Off Time
General & Priority 2 hours prior to the flight
Guaranteed 90 minutes prior to the flight
Gold Rush Pacs 90 minutes prior to the flight
For flights departing Dawson City, Old Crow, Mayo, and Inuvik
Cut-Off Times
Weekdays 1 hour prior to flight departure time
Weekends 1 hour prior to flight departure time

Base-Specific Fees

Some cargo items are subject to specific fees based upon where they're being shipped to or from. These are listed below.
City Fee
Inbound and outbound terminal fee, applicable to all shipments to or from Victoria
$35 + applicable taxes
Live animal shipment fee, applicable to shipments from Calgary
$50 + applicable taxes
Storage charges for inbound cargo begin 48 hours after customer has been notified.
$0.55/ CHKG + applicable taxes