Located at the confluence of the Crow and Porcupine Rivers, Old Crow is an isolated community that is not accessible by road. The people of Old Crow rely on aircraft to travel in and out of town—or, for the more adventurous, Old Crow is accessible by canoe down the Porcupine River from the Eagle River.

This is the only Yukon community located north of the Arctic Circle, so residents enjoy a lot of daylight during the summer months and a lot less sunlight during the short days of winter.

Old Crow’s name comes from Gwitch'in Chief, “Deetru` K`avihdik”, which means “Crow May I Walk.” His people wanted to honour him after his death in 1870 by naming the region after him.

The community is home to fewer than 300 Indigenous people. The Vuntut Gwitchin, whose name means “People of the Lakes,” are part of the larger Gwich’in Nation, which extends into Alaska and the Northwest Territories.

Visit the John Tizya Centre to learn about the unique culture of the Vuntut Gwitchin through interpretive walking tours and exhibits. If your timing is right, you may be invited to a gathering held here—and you’ll never experience a celebration like it. They often include traditional music, dancing, and feasts of wild game and fish.

Take a few steps off the trail well-travelled and find an extraordinary northern community. The unique adventures of Old Crow are waiting for you.


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Departure Date: 18 Jun 2024

Old Crow at a Glance

221 (2017)

-17 °C

Wind NW at 16 km/h, 71% Humidity

Time Zone:
Pacific Daylight Time

14.17 km²

Fast Facts:
Old Crow is the only Yukon community not accessible by car–visitors must arrive by air. The community was settled around the 1870s by an Indigenous Chief named Deetru` K`avihdik, which translates to “Crow-May-I-Walk”, and the town was named after him.

The village was founded around muskrat trapping. Today, trapping continues to provide income to many residents.

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