Our Fare Classes

We offer two fare classes on most of our flights, though it varies by route and availability. Infants, at least seven days old and up to their second birthday, may travel at no charge if travelling with a paying adult.


Fly with Air North, Yukon's Airline at the most affordable price. If you know exactly when you want to fly, and it’s unlikely you'll need to change or cancel your flight, this fare will offer you the best value. If you’re uncertain about the dates you're booking, Optimum fares may be the better way to go.


The greatest amount of flexibility, lowest cancellation and change fees, as well as complimentary seat selection.

GoYukon Optimum

Flight change

$84-$90.40 + fare difference $26.25-$28.26

Cancellation fee

$84-$90.41 $26.25-$28.26


Non-refundable 24 hours after booking Non-refundable 24 hours after booking

No show fee

No-show results in forfeit of full value of ticket No show results in $131.25-$141.25 fee per passenger deducted from ticket value. Balance held as credit, valid for up to one year from date of purchase.

Complimentary checked baggage allowance

2 2

Standard seat selection*

$5.25-$56.50 Included

Standard food and beverages

Included Included

Complimentary premium beverage

Not included Not included

Advance boarding

Not included Not included

*Standard seat selection available on Boeing 737 aircraft.

Premium Seats 

Air North is pleased to now provide two sections of Premium Seating on our Boeing 737 aircraft for a small fee:

  • Rows 1-3 – For those guests who want the convenience of deplaning first, we have designated the first three rows of our 737 aircraft as Premium Seats.
    • For safety reasons, passengers seated in row 1 are not permitted to be travelling with a lap-held infant, a pet in cabin or service animal, or require the use of an oxygen concentrator or cylinder.
    • Passengers may be reassigned to a different seat to accommodate a passenger with disabilities and passengers flying under medical travel. Any payment made towards the seat will be refunded and the passenger will be reallocated to the best available seat. 
  • Exit Row: The seats in our exit row(s) provide more space, with a pitch (legroom) of 39 inches, where the standard pitch on the rest of our aircraft is approximately 31 inches. Regulations stipulate the following conditions for passengers seated in the exit row:
    • Must be 16 years of age or older on the day of travel
    • Must be willing and able to operate the exit in case of an emergency
    • Must be able to speak English or French for an emergency exit briefing and understand printed instructions on how to operate the exit
    • Must be able to receive the emergency exit briefing from the crew and to orally communicate that information to other passengers
    • Must be able to visually determine if the exit is safe to open, and
    • Have sufficient mobility, strength and dexterity to operate and dispose of the emergency exit (i.e. must be able to lift more than 20kgs/42lbs)
    • Do not require special handling or the use of a mobility aid or medical device
    • Do not require the use of an oxygen concentrator or cylinder
    • Are not travelling with an pet in cabin or service animal
    • Are not responsible for another person
    • Do not have a condition that might cause them bodily harm by operating the exit
    • Do not require a seatbelt extender as this presents a tripping hazard
  • If an emergency exit row seat is chosen and our staff identify that the passenger’s presence in those seats could adversely affect the safety of passengers or crew members during an emergency evacuation, they will be moved to another seat.

The rest of the seats in the aircraft are available for purchase while booking, or are complimentary while checking in within the 24 hour window prior to scheduled takeoff.