Our Service

Our aircraft are configured in a single class with a roomy 32-inch average seat pitch. More important is the unique experience and products you'll enjoy on board our flights, as well as the authentic Yukon hospitality for which we're renowned.


Freshly made meals

Almost all of the light snacks we serve on our flights are made daily by our own Whitehorse-based Flight Kitchen team. Led by Chef Michael Bock, they create the meals our passengers enjoy. Their facility also serves as a test kitchen where the team perfects new creations which you may discover on a future flight or for sale in Whitehorse.

If we are advised at the time of booking, or a minimum of 24 hours prior to the flight, our team can prepare special meals for passengers who have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free requirements.


Thirst quenched

We’re delighted to offer a range of complimentary beverages including tea, Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters coffee, soft drinks, and juices.

We also offer a range of alcoholic beverages on board for purchase, including Yukon Brewing beer and award-winning wines from Castoro de Oro Estate Winery. Credit card payments with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and Discover are be accepted. We cannot accept debit cards, tap (contactless payments), or cash on board.

Unique Yukon products you’ll find on board

Yukon Brewing
Yukon Brewing
Yukon Brewing has attracted enthusiastic consumers and won awards since 1997. The company presently offers eight packaged beers as well as spirits. Its downtown Whitehorse brewery offers tours and limited-edition craft beers that are well worth trying.
Air North Coffee
Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters
Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters is our coffee of choice. This family-owned and operated business, located in downtown Whitehorse, has micro-roasted premium coffee for over 15 years.
Yukon, North of Ordinary Magazine
Yukon, North of Ordinary
Yukon, North of Ordinary magazine has been a part of our flights since 2007. We're proud to work with North of Ordinary Media on this award-winning publication and share the Yukon's stories. Visit the link below to learn more.

In-Flight Service FAQ

We're very proud to serve freshly-made light snacks and meals on-board our flights. Almost everything is made daily by our own Whitehorse-based flight kitchen team, led by Chef Michael Bock. His group of over 20 talented individuals prepare more than 200,000 meals per year, and are constantly working on delicious new creations — the best of which you may discover on a future flight.

Unfortunately, no, at this time our aircraft are not equipped with in-flight entertainment.

Although it varies by route and duration of flight, our passengers are offered non-alcoholic beverages and a light snack or light meal. We are able to accommodate some special dietary needs, but require advance notice and must be informed at the time of booking. It may be advisable to pack a special snack for the child to enjoy.

What Our Passengers Have to Say

Best Airline & Employees

It was an honour to have captain Joe Sparling at the helm for our flight. I have been using this route for two years now on the recommendation from a friend. Air North is the absolute best airline that I have ever flown. Their employees are hands down, the nicest, most helpful people in the industry! I will find a way to get my bum in your seats again soon!



Love the Cookies

All the guys working on the Whistle Bend Care Facility from BC/Alberta that have flown Air North have never had one bad thing to say and have enjoyed flying with them. And love the cookies.