View Air North, Yukon's Airline's Local Domestic Tariff - the rules, rates and charges applicable to transportation of passengers and baggage or goods between points in Canada.

Important Notice Regarding Passenger Rights – up to and including December 14

Note: Air North, Yukon’s Airline is classified as a small carrier according to the Canadian Air Passenger Protection Regulations (SOR/2019-150).

Notice to Passengers:

If you are denied boarding or your baggage is lost or damaged, you may be entitled to certain standards of treatment and compensation under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations. For more information about your passenger rights please contact your air carrier or visit the Canadian Transportation Agency’s website. 

Communication during Flight Delays, Cancellations or Denied Boarding Events

Air North will keep passengers regularly informed if there are Flight Delays, Cancellations or Denied Boarding events and will provide passengers with flight status updates every 30 minutes or when relevant information becomes available, whichever is sooner, until a new departure time has been set. The information will be given as soon as possible and will include the nature of the disruption. Information will be provided through the following means:

  • An audible announcement in the affected airport(s);
  • On our website under flight status;
  • On the Flight Information Display (FIDS) and/or Gate display screens in airports where available; and

The information above must also be provided to any passenger using the available communication method that they have indicated that they prefer, including a method that is compatible with adaptive technologies intended to assist persons with disabilities.

Passengers will be provided access to a means of communication if required.

Denied Boarding

Air North does not intentionally oversell our flights, however, in the unlikely event where Denied Boarding occurs and is within Air North’s control, passengers may be entitled to compensation. Air North will look for volunteers from all confirmed passengers before Denied Boarding will occur.

In the case of a denied boarding, Air North will provide a confirmed reservation for the next available flight that is operated by Air North, or a carrier with which the Air North has a commercial agreement, and is travelling on any reasonable air route from the airport at which the passenger is located to the destination that is indicated on the passenger’s original ticket.

In cases of Denied Boarding within Air North’s control, except for reasons required for safety purposes, a passenger may be entitled to compensation as per Section 20 of the APPR:

  • $900, if the arrival of the passenger’s flight at the destination that is indicated on the original ticket is delayed by less than six hours;
  • $1,800, if the arrival of the passenger’s flight at the destination that is indicated on the original ticket is delayed by six hours or more, but less than nine hours; and
  • $2,400, if the arrival of the passenger’s flight at the destination that is indicated on the original ticket is delayed by nine hours or more.

Standards of Treatment

In some cases of delays, cancellations and denied boarding (controllable), Airlines have to provide passengers certain amenities free of charge while they wait for the new flights being arranged for them.

Air North will provide reasonable quantities of food and drink; taking into account the following factors when determining the quantity to provide:

  • Length of delay/time of day: The length of the delay and the time of day should be considered when determining when to provide food and in what quantities. For example, it would be reasonable to expect greater quantities of food at typical meal times and after waiting for a long period of time.
  • Location of airport: The location of the delay may affect the availability and range of food and drink options (e.g., Canada's North and remote areas).

If it is expected that a passenger will wait overnight for the new flight it is arranging (and where this would not have been necessary for the original flight), it will offer the passenger hotel or other comparable accommodation. This will be:

  • Free of charge to the passenger;
  • Reasonable, considering the passenger's location;
  • Include transportation to and from the accommodation

Delayed, Lost or Damaged Baggage

Liability limit

The maximum liability for damages for baggage lost, damaged or delayed is 1,288 special drawing rights (SDR) per passenger.

  • SDR is the International Monetary Fund's unit of accounting.
  • 1,288 SDR equals approximately $2400CAD, subject to currency exchange rates.
  • The maximum liability includes:
      • Total loss
      • Interim expenses
      • Baggage Fees
  • The maximum liability can be reached in any category, but cannot be exceeded in that category in a combination of any of the categories together.
  • Air North does not provide a facility to insure baggage and contents beyond the maximum liability in the tariff.  If the value of a passenger’s baggage and contents exceeds the maximum liability of the Carrier, it is recommended that supplemental insurance be obtained from an independent source.

Interim Purchases and Expenses

Reasonable interim expenses include the purchase or rental of items necessary for the purpose and circumstances of the travel.  Passengers are obliged to limit their losses in anticipation of having their baggage returned to them.  If possible, itemized receipt for each expense are preferred. If receipts are not available, keep detailed notes of your purchases (date, description, and amount).

Baggage Fees

The APPR also include obligations regarding fees charged for baggage. When baggage has been lost, delayed or damaged, airlines must refund any optional baggage service fees the passenger purchased. This includes:

  • Standard baggage fees;
  • Fees for extra baggage; and
  • Fees for oversized baggage.

The refund requirement does not apply to any baggage allowance included in a fare.

Time limits for making a claim

The following requirements apply to passengers making a baggage claim with respect to domestic services, as follows:

  • For damaged baggage claims, passengers must complain in writing (including email) to Air North within 7 days of the date they received the baggage.
  • For delayed baggage claims, a passenger must complain in writing (including email) to Air North within 21 days after receiving the baggage.
  • For luggage that has been delayed for 21 days, it is considered lost. We recommend the passenger submit a claim to the airline as soon as possible after it is considered lost.

Mobility Aids

Notwithstanding the normal carrier liability as contained in Rule 120 (5) of Air North’s Domestic Tariff, the limit of liability will be waived for claims involving the loss of, damage to, or delay in delivery of mobility aids, when such items have been accepted as checked baggage or otherwise. In the event that a mobility aid is lost or damaged, compensation is to be based on the cost of the repair or replacement value of the mobility aid.

In the event that a mobility aid is lost or damaged:

a.   The air carrier will immediately provide a suitable temporary replacement without charge;

b.   If a damaged aid can be repaired, in addition to Tariff Rule 120(B)5(a), the air carrier will arrange, at its expense, for the prompt and adequate repair of the aid and return it to the passenger as soon as possible;

c.   If a damaged aid cannot be repaired or is lost and cannot be located within 96 hours following the passenger’s arrival, the Carrier will, in addition to Tariff Rule 120(B)5(a), replace it with an identical aid satisfactory to the passenger, or reimburse the passenger for the replacement cost of the aid.

Assignment of Seats to Children Who are Under the Age of 14 years

In the case where families with children under 12 years of age are traveling on the same itinerary upon request, best efforts will be made to seat an adult and children under 12 in close proximity to each other. Despite reasonable efforts by the Carrier, if an adult and a child under 12 cannot be seated in close proximity, a flight attendant will provide the child under 12 with an Unaccompanied Minor briefing.

Further Resolution

For passengers who have attempted to resolve a complaint with Air North directly and are unsatisfied with the outcome, they have the option to file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency.