Cargo Screening

Transport Canada mandates that all cargo on passenger flight travelling through CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) airports be screened. In our network, this applies to Whitehorse, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Yellowknife and Ottawa.

If you're shipping from a CATSA location

Cargo must be shipped by a Known Consignor (applicable only to businesses), or must be screened by Air North Cargo upon receipt, based on regulation.

If you're shipping from a non-CATSA location

If you’re shipping from a non-CATSA location—from Dawson City to Whitehorse, for example, the cargo will not need to be screened. However, if you’re shipping from a non-CATSA location to one that requires screening via another—from Dawson City to Vancouver via Whitehorse, for example—then the cargo will be screened in transit before being shipped to its destination.

Become a Known Consignor (Businesses Only)

Complete instructions about how to become a Known Consignor may be found on Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security (ACS) program website.

Note that a valid Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business number is required, as well as a referral that establishes that the business has an existing business relationship with a freight forwarder or airline with respect to shipping air cargo.

For all other shippers

Before we’re able to accept and ship your cargo, it will need to undergo screening or a physical search. Please note that a security screening fee will apply ($10 + applicable taxes or $0.10/lb per waybill, whichever is greater).

We strongly recommend allowing as much time as possible prior to the desired flight time for screening and processing.

For more information

Our cargo team is ready to assist. Please call 1.800.661.0407 ext. 2 (toll-free in North America) or (867) 668.2228 ext. 2.

We also recommend visiting Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security (ACS) program website, and contacting them with any procedure or regulation-related questions at 1.866.375.7342 or emailing them at

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