What Our Customers Are Saying

We're an airline that invites you to expect something more-especially the unexpected.

We strive to provide friendly and helpful service, with a personal touch, at a fair price. We operate in small communities and in extremely small markets. Many of us know our customers personally.

I'd Fly Air North Anytime!

I flew with Air North from Toronto to Whitehorse and back in June 2022. This is what service should, and used, to be. I know the larger airlines are struggling, and staff are weary, but somehow this small airline manages to provide the kind of service excellence that we all knew many years ago. Bravo Air North!!


Awesome Experience!

I recently flew from Calgary to Whitehorse return and was so impressed. From reservation staff to airport staff to on-flight staff, everyone was so pleasant and helpful. Not to mention no baggage charge, real food, and warm cookies! Going forward, if I’m travelling anywhere Air North flies, this will be my airline of choice! Kudos on an awesome all round experience!


Best Airline & Employees

It was an honour to have captain Joe Sparling at the helm for our flight. I have been using this route for two years now on the recommendation from a friend. Air North is the absolute best airline that I have ever flown. Their employees are hands down, the nicest, most helpful people in the industry! I will find a way to get my bum in your seats again soon!


Superb Airline

Last month I flew Air North from Ottawa to Whitehorse, return. This was my first trip using Air North. I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the flight. What a superb airline - the food, flight attendants, and comfortable seating was second to none!! Thank you for the incredible experience!!


Nothing But Praise

My sister arrived back in Whitehorse from Calgary last night. I picked her up at the airport. She had nothing but praise for Air North and said the wheelchair was ready for her as she stepped off the plane here. The Air North agent that I referenced in my Oct. 1st email pushed the wheelchair outside the terminal to the curb where I was parked. She was very helpful and pleasant. I’m certain that our earlier interaction was the result of a misunderstanding. As the saying goes, all’s well that ends well. Thank you for your time


Most Enjoyable Flight

Flight from Whitehorse to Vancouver 5pm 20th September 18. This was hands down the most enjoyable flight I’ve ever been on. Everything was perfect! To start with check in was easy, there was no line up and I sailed into departures. A clean airport with free fast WiFi kept me entertained until my flight began boarding. Once I was onboard I was greeted and welcomed. Once sat down I started chatting to the nice gentleman next to me who flies often so allowed me to take his window seat to view the amazing landscape out the window. Incredible! Next we took off and immediately I watched the cabin crew scuttle around with trolleys. To my surprise (never had this on a short haul flight in Europe) complementary drinks, tea, coffee, sodas etc. Next came a trolley full of the best sandwiches you can get on a flight. I chose turkey but there were ham and a vegetarian options too. Well I was blown away. But it doesn’t end there! The smell of freshly warmed cookies filled the air as these were then handed out. Delicious! I was content and happy, I didn’t need anything else but how could I say no to another complimentary drink as the trolley passed again! Almost immediately after and purposefully timed for our descent a bowl of mints were handed round to help with the turkey mustard breath I had and of course the pressure build-up in the ears. A little turbulence which I always enjoy and a short descent later I was walking off the plane and into dull and damp Vancouver. But who was I to care, I had a full belly and the most amazing week in the Yukon! Thanks for the great flight. 


Transporting SPCA Puppies

I am not a comfortable flyer. I usually take Ativan to help me with flying. But flying with Air North is getting me over this fear. Everything about travel with Air North was smooth. We were transporting puppies for the local SPCA, and they were so accomodating about that. Our flight was early, smooth, comfortable and relaxing. Even the puppies were relaxed when we picked them up! The flight back was a little late, but they kept us in the loop about everything that was happening. I may be over my fear of flying! For the record... I've been flying my whole life. Big planes, little planes, long flights, short flight... terrified of them all.


Love the Cookies

All the guys working on the Whistle Bend Care Facility from BC/Alberta that have flown Air North have never had one bad thing to say and have enjoyed flying with them. And love the cookies.


Caring & Supportive Staff

I would like to send my thanks for a wonderful experience flying to the Yukon and back in early August. The staff were caring and supportive. Imagine, being able to check in TWO suitcases, at no charge. Unheard of these days! And again, when I reached out to give my credit card to your onboard staff in order to pay for my sandwich, I got a smile and thank you, and again, no charge. The warm chocolate cookie, candies and pleasantly roomie 737 all added to this delightfully comfortable and comforting experience. A BIG thanks to a great organization! I look forward to my next adventure north, on Air North.


Exceptional Customer Service

I would like to express gratitude to one of your Vancouver Cargo employees named Darren. I was assisting my mother who was out of the country to get her medication shipped to Whitehorse, Yukon. Needless to say, I was not understanding what the specialist doctor’s office was telling me about how to ship medication. Darren was excellent to work with and went above and beyond to speak with the doctor’s office on my behalf to understand what was going on and plan logistics. As a former Air North employee myself, I am so proud that people within the company truly value the needs of others. I wanted to let the company know that he gave exceptional customer service and should be recognized for his efforts :)


Excellent Work

I was surprisingly impressed with our flight to Whitehorse from Vancouver today. First free checked luggage, second ham & cheese sandwich, third hot coffee, fourth warm cookie and last the excellent work of our flight crew. Thanks to all.


You Guys Rock

Yesterday I returned home after a fabulous week in Yukon. My trip began and ended with flights on Air North. I wish you flew everywhere! Imagine having a seat where your knees weren't crammed into the seat in front of you, a meal made of real food included in the price of the flight, warm cookies, flight attendants checking to see if you wanted anything else, and checking a bag without a fee. Every Air North employee I spoke to was friendly, helpful, and seemed to love their job. I so wish you flew more places. I wouldn't consider flying anyone else if I were flying north. Keep up the good job and don't get sucked into the cuts that all of the other airlines seem to embrace at the cost of their customers. Please start a school and teach other airlines how to operate. You guys rock!


Exceptional Flights

Can not remember the flight number from Vancouver to Whitehorse and back. Both flights were exceptional. Your service and efficiency in serving your flight customers should be a model to other airlines. It is worth a lot more that what your fares are. Thanks


Top-Notch Service

Just flew home from Whitehorse today on the Ottawa flight. I now enjoy bragging to my friends in the south about your excellent company, flights, service and most of all, understanding. As always, the meal was excellent. Thank you, I hope you will always fly my favourite skies.


Amazing Company

Dear Air North, I just received the magazines that you sent to read to my husband. How very thoughtful of you and he has enjoyed some of the articles. I wish you flew to more destinations in Canada because I would use your company every time I flew. You really get customer support and care. You are an amazing company and you are without a doubt - our favourite.


The Very Best of Service

Thank you, Air North for the very best of service. After 3 beautiful weeks in Dawson I was happy to be on a flight home with such lovely people who you employ. The sandwiches were good choices, fresh and delicious and the flight was absolutely stellar. I know why I like Air North and so will my friends, thank you all!


Great People and Service

My experience with the reservations team was super personable and courteous. It’s wonderful to call in to a company and have someone who knows how to take control of a call and go the extra mile to provide information that wasn’t exactly clear in the first place. I am very impressed with your staff and the company as a whole. Thanks for your service.