Air North, Yukon’s Airline Launches New Scent

Whitehorse, Yukon – April 1, 2022 – Air North, Yukon’s Airline today announced it has developed a new scent, marking its first foray into fragrances. The flagship product: Eau de Cookie No. 737.

Air North President and CEO Joe Sparling introduced the scent while standing on the wing of one of the airline’s Boeing 737s in their hangar in Whitehorse. Behind him, images of customers eating the airline’s famous warm cookies were projected on to the plane’s fuselage.

“People love our cookies,” Sparling said. “Now, they can smell like them.”

According to Sparling, it took years of research and development to get the scent just right. He took a leadership role as the tester-in-chief, insisting on eating a cookie each time he smelled a new sample. It was, he confided, the only way to make sure the scent was hitting just the right notes.

The fragrance is targeted at anyone “who wants to smell nice,” said Sparling.

But, Sparling promises, Air North is just getting started.

Coming later this year, a cologne: Tough Cookie For Men, made with chocolate chunks.

Sparling winced as he introduced it. “I think the marketing team needs to get back to their desks on that one,” he grumbled. “I suggest not getting used to that name.”

Over the coming months, the line will expand with warm cookie soy candles, Airport Tarmac exfoliant, a cookie dough face mask, and a line of deodorants scented like the Flight Kitchen’s cheesecakes.

“You know you’re going to have a great day when you apply some mango cheesecake to your armpits and a spritz of Eau de Cookie to your neck,” said Sparling.

Air North hopes to line up retail partners across the country in the coming weeks.