Let’s make a fare comparison.

Choose affordable with perks or choose surcharges.

All of our fares, even the most affordable, include two carry-on items, two checked items of baggage, and a light snack or meal (limited only by the duration of some flights). With some other airlines’ cheapest fares, matching our perks can easily add over $100 in fees and surcharges.

Air North, Yukon’s Airline
GoYukon Fare
Another airline
Lowest Fare
Carry-on baggage
Bring it!

Two items, complimentary.
Maybe just a jacket.

Personal item only, carry-on baggage refused.
Checked baggage
Check it!

Two items, complimentary.
Credit card first.

$45-54 for the first item, $65-77 for the second—if paid in advance.
Freshly made light meal or snack
Nom nom.

Often even including a warm cookie.1
Food for a fee.

$3.49–10.49 per item.
Seat selection
The best seat can be yours.

$15.75–56.50 at the time of booking, or complimentary during online check-in.
Move if you must.

$10–250 for any seat other than pre-assigned at the back of the plane. Fee applies even at check-in.
Changes to your booking
Sometimes plans have to change.

$84–90.40 change fee, plus applicable fare difference.

No changes permitted.
Cancel your booking
If you just can’t go (yet), you can cancel.

$84–90.40 cancellation fee, with the balance of the booking available as credit for up to a year towards a new booking.

No cancellations permitted.

Of course, some limits apply in terms of size and weight for carry-on and checked baggage. We encourage you to visit our baggage and carry-on page for complete details.

An accurate comparison between Air North’s GoYukon fare and WestJet’s UltraBasic fare based on both airlines’ published rules, policies and fees as of 12 June 2024.
1 Snacks or light meals are not served on flights under approximately 45 minutes in duration.