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Student Flex Pass

Student Flex Pass

A master class in stress-free student travel! Call (867) 668.2228 ext. 1 or toll free 1.800.661.0407 ext.1 to purchase. 

Student Flex Pass

Features & Benefits

  • One student traveller. 
  • Four one-way flight segments.
  • Valid for one year.
  • Last-minute travel with no blackout dates. 
    • Book up to two hours prior to departure.
  • One complimentary flight change.
  • Complimentary seat selection.
  • Travel cost predictability. 
  • Multiple passes may be purchased. 


  • Change/Cancellation fee: $84
  • No-show fee: full value of segment.
  • Air Pass is non-refundable.
  • All fees, taxes and surcharges are included in one-time price, except GST and change/cancellation fee
  • Unused segments expire one year from date of purchase.
  • May be extended by three months for $210
  • Travel cost predictability. 
    • Allows for Flex Pass validity period of a maximum of 15 months. 

For travel between:

  • Whitehorse <—> Vancouver
  • Whitehorse <—> Victoria
  • Whitehorse <—> Kelowna
  • Whitehorse <—> Calgary
  • Whitehorse <—> Edmonton
  • Whitehorse <—> Dawson City
  • Whitehorse <—> Inuvik
  • Whitehorse <—> Old Crow
Each route is equivalent to one flight segment. Some routes may require aircraft change or stop-over. Air North is not responsible for stop-over expenses.
Flight Segments

4 one-way flight segments which may be used to fly between:

  • Whitehorse <—> Vancouver
  • Whitehorse <—> Victoria
  • Whitehorse <—> Kelowna
  • Whitehorse <—> Calgary
  • Whitehorse <—> Edmonton
  • Whitehorse <—> Dawson City
  • Whitehorse <—> Inuvik
  • Whitehorse <—> Old Crow
Validity Period:

One year from date of purchase. May be three months prior to expiry date for $210, permitting a maximum travel period of 15 months. 

Number of Eligible Travellers

One student. Student name must be confirmed at the time of purchase and cannot be changed.

The student must be 15 years of age or older, and provide proof of enrollment at the time of purchase. An enrollment/acceptance letter from an educational institution is required as proof of enrollment, and must include classes or study during at least three months of the eligible travel period. The institution must be located outside the city, town or community where the student is a permanent resident.

Proof of enrollment must be provided to Air North at the time of purchase either by email (, fax (1.867.393.4601), or in person (at 150 Condor Road, Whitehorse, Yukon).


Pre-payment of $838 is required. Student Flex Passes are non-refundable.

*Booking Flights

Bookings are permitted up to two (2) hours prior to departure time, based on availability.

**Advance Seat Selection Options

Complimentary advance seat selection based on availability at the time of booking as well as aircraft assigned to the selected flight(s).

Changes & Cancellations((date of travel, routing or name change, per person, per itinerary)
  • One complimentary flight change per Student Flex Pass included. Thereafter, each change subject to $84 fee.

  • Cancellation fee is applicable of $84.

  • Changes are subject to availability at time of booking

  • Same-day changes can be made by contacting Air North Reservations at 1.800.661.0407 or 867.668.2228, or at an Air North airport check-in counter

  • Bookings must be cancelled at least two (2) hours prior to scheduled departure time or Air Pass segment(s) will be forfeit

Extending Validity Period

Student Flex Passes may be extended by three months prior to the expiry of the Flex Pass for a fee of $210. The Flex Pass will then be valid for a total of 15 months from the original purchase date.

No-Show Fee:

If a passenger does not show up for a flight upon which they’re booked, this will result in the loss of the full value of the air pass segment(s) used to book the flight.

Booking Pass Credits
  • One flight segment credit is required per one-way trip

  • Air Pass segments are non-transferable and can only be used by the eligible traveller(s).

  • Air Pass segments are available for booking immediately upon approved payment.

  • Air Pass segment bookings based upon availability and can only be used on Air North, Yukon's Airline. Schedule and routes are subject to change without notice.

  • Air passes cannot be used for charter flights.

  • Bookings for infants under 2 years of age not occupying a seat are complimentary.

  • The booking and use of Air Pass segments is subject to all applicable rules, policies, terms and conditions of carriage. For instance, the offering of special services (e.g. unaccompanied minors, customers with special needs, travelling with an infant/child, travelling with a pet) are subject to applicable conditions and restrictions. In addition, not all special services are available free of charge. Please speak to an Air North Reservations agent for details if you require any special services.

  • The booking and use of Air Pass segments are also subject to applicable laws including immigration requirements. It is the responsibility of the traveller(s) to carry all necessary travel documents and comply with all applicable immigration requirements.

  • Air Pass travel is subject to Air North's normal checked or carry-on baggage policies, which vary based on the type of aircraft servicing the route. Please examine our baggage policies at prior to travel.


The purchaser is responsible for advising Air North of any change in contact information (address, phone number and email address).

These terms and conditions may change at any time without notice and other conditions may apply. Air Pass pre-payment does not include additional collections. Change/cancellation fee(s) to be paid separately at time of change/cancellation.