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Potential Exposure Notice

With the protection of our passengers and crew at the forefront of our actions as a company, it is our goal to offer total transparency about information regarding COVID-19. 

The following flights have passed the 14-day self-monitoring requirement but have been identified as having carried a passenger who subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. 

    Flight Date Departure City Arrival City Status
    4N528 8 November 2020 Whitehorse, Y.T. Vancouver, B.C. and Victoria, B.C. Inactive
    4N333 9 November 2020 Whitehorse, Y.T. Dawson City, Y.T., Old Crow, Y.T., Inuvik, N.W.T Inactive
    4N574 12 November 2020 Vancouver, B.C. Whitehorse, Y.T. Inactive
    4N573 15 November 2020 Whitehorse, Y.T. Vancouver, B.C. Inactive
    4N2517 22 December 2020 Vancouver, B.C. Whitehorse, Y.T. Inactive

    We have notified the crew and the potentially exposed passengers of the affected flights and instructed them to diligently self-monitor for symptoms.

    If a passenger develops symptoms at any time, it is directed by the public health authority to self-isolate immediately. Please reach out to your public health authority if you have any questions or concerns.

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