Holiday Season Travel Tips

Plan and book early

Our holiday season flights fill quickly, so plan ahead if you can. If you have a preferred seat, we recommend checking in online 24 hours prior to your flight or selecting your seat when you book.

If you’re hoping to travel with a pet, remember that you’ll need to book space in advance. It books up quickly and may not be available on your desired travel days.


Timing is everything

During the holidays, plan for delays. Allow extra time for airport travel, parking, and checking in. If you have connecting flights, aim for a minimum of a three- to four-hour gap. Even better, consider scheduling your connecting flight for a day or two later and booking a nearby hotel. That’ll keep your travel experience much more relaxed, especially if there are weather-related delays—which are common in southern Canada during this season.Try to send gifts in advance

If you’re travelling with gifts, use gift bags rather than wrapping. That means they’re easy for the security staff to inspect—all without having to spoil the surprise for your loved ones. You can also ship them ahead of time with Air North Cargo.


Travel is a gift

Air North Getaways has a range of air and accommodation packages, adventures, and even some hockey bundles that can make for a great gift.

For a stocking stuffer, go for an Air North Gift Certificate, ideal for sparking wanderlust—starting from just $25.


We always bring the snacks

We’ll make sure you’re fed on our flights (and if you give us enough notice, we can provide vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meal options). If you’re travelling with kids or making some connections, it can be worth bringing some extras just in case you’re still hungry.

It’s also worthwhile to bring some wet wipes and napkins in a resealable bag to be prepared for any little mishaps along the way.


Flying is an opportunity to relax

Take in the view! There’s nothing quite like seeing the world from 30,000 feet. It’s also a great time to dig into a new book or savour your favourite playlist. Be sure to pre-download movies, shows, games, and podcasts onto all your family's devices to keep yourselves entertained during the trip.


It’s time for departure

Everyone at Air North, Yukon’s Airline is looking forward to having you on-board and wish you and your family the best over this holiday season.

Now that your travel plans are set, don’t forget the most important step. Remember to tell Santa where you’ll be!