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This page offers you quick access to any information you might need about federal, provincial or territorial travel guidelines, as well as the steps Air North is taking to keep you safe on board our flights.

As of June 20 2022, passengers are no longer required to show proof of vaccination in order to fly in Canada. Masks remain a Transport Canada requirement on all scheduled flights in the country, and airlines must administer a health-related questionnaire at the time of check-in. In addition, passengers who have had a COVID-positive test result or COVID-like symptoms may not travel within 10 days of the result or the onset of symptoms.

Last updated 20 June 2022


Advisories and Policies

Under Transport Canada regulations, all passengers are required to wear a non-medical mask or face covering that covers their nose, mouth and chin during travel and when instructed by a passenger services agent or member of the flight crew.


Masks must be worn in the secure areas of all airports in Canada, during boarding, disembarking, and during the flight. In addition, some airports require masks to be worn in all areas of the terminal, so please observe any signage, announcements, or guidance related to each facility.


All passengers six years of age or older must wear a mask at all times. Children older than two but less than six are exempt if they cannot tolerate wearing a mask, as long as their guardian has a mask available for them prior to boarding. Children under two are not required to wear a mask.


Approved face coverings

Approved face coverings include surgical or cloth masks made of multiple layers of tightly woven material (such as cotton or linen), secured to the head with ties or ear loops that allow the mask to fully cover the nose, mouth and chin.


Prohibited face coverings

Non-medical masks or face coverings with an exhalation valve or vent, or made with mesh or lace fabric, a neck gaiter, a bandana, or a plastic face shield/covering are all prohibited and do not meet the requirements.


All passengers who are not compliant with the face covering requirements will be reported to Transport Canada, which could result in a financial penalty.


Click here for more information from Transport Canada on the use of non-medical masks and face coverings.


It is acceptable to remove a mask when
  • Requested by a member of Air North's staff to verify ID during boarding;
  • eating or drinking on board for no more than 15 minutes, unless a member of the crew instructs the person to wear their mask;
  • taking oral medications;
  • communicating with someone hard of hearing;
  • using oxygen;
  • a passenger is unconscious;
  • authorized by a member of the crew due to special needs or unforeseen circumstances.


Mask exemptions

For passengers who are medically unable to wear a mask, an exemption application may be submitted prior to travel in order to waive the requirement for the wearing of a mask during the flight.


The form must be completed 21 days in advance of the date of travel and authorization is not guaranteed. Note that authorization is valid only for one round-trip flight with Air North. Passengers connecting to another airline for travel within Canada will need to request exemption from the other carrier as well.

How to submit a request:

When you check-in (both online and at the counter) you’ll be asked some health questions, based on mandatory requirements from Transport Canada, to make sure that you’re not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms and are ready to fly.

The questions include:

  • Do you have a fever and a cough?
  • Do you have a fever and breathing difficulty?
  • Have you been refused boarding in the past 14 days due to a medical reason related to COVID-19?
  • Are you the subject of a provincial/territorial or local public health order?

You must answer all questions truthfully and could be fined up to $5,000 under the Aeronautics Act if you fail to do so. If you choose not to answer these questions you will be denied boarding.

Please remember: if you are feeling ill, please do not travel and potentially put others at risk. Should symptoms such as a fever, cough or difficulty breathing develop while in flight, please notify the flight crew immediately.

Under Transport Canada regulations, if you have received a COVID-positive test result or have COVID-like symptoms, you may not travel within 10 days of the result or onset of symptoms.


What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Loss of sense of taste or smell
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle aches

Changes and Cancellations prior to 31 October 2022

Air North will waive change and cancellation fees. This goodwill policy is subject to the following conditions:

  • Applicable to all routes
  • Modifications to itineraries must be made at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure
  • New bookings are subject to availability
  • No refund will be given if the new fare is lower than the original fare purchased
  • Fare difference applies if the new booking is at a higher fare than the original fare purchased
  • All cancellations will be processed as customer credit for future travel
  • Credit will be valid for use for up to two years from the original date of booking


How to change or cancel your booking

If you booked directly with Air North through website or via our reservations team, you may use the online Manage My Booking tool to cancel a booking. Bookings made via our website or our call centre may only changed by calling our reservations team at 1.800.661.0407 (toll-free in North America) or (867) 668.2228.


Bookings made through a travel agent or online travel agency

If you booked via a website such as KAYAK or Expedia, or via a travel agent, please contact the agency directly to manage your booking.

Last updated 17 November 2021


The Vuntut Gwitchin Government has restricted all non-essential travel to Old Crow. Only authorized citizens are permitted to enter the community, and all must self-isolate for 14 days upon their arrival. In addition, a Declaration for Entry into Old Crow form must be completed prior to entering the community.


Complete details may be found here.



We strongly encourage you to check any requirements presently mandated in the province or territory you’ll be travelling to before you book and before you travel as each jurisdiction’s policies and regulations change frequently.

To assist you with this, we’ve gathered useful links here for your reference.

Northwest Territories


Measures to Keep You Safe

We’re dedicated to making sure that your travel experience is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Air North, Yukon's Airline passenger service agents are ready to welcome you



  • Markers have been placed on the floor at the airport terminal to indicate the required spacing for physical distancing (two metres or six feet apart)
  • Our passenger service agents wear gloves and washable, made-in-Yukon protective masks
  • Plexiglass barriers have been installed at check-in counters in Whitehorse, Vancouver, Old Crow and Inuvik to limit contact between passengers and agents
  • Passengers are asked to hold up their ID for verification rather than passing to the agent
  • Pens for passenger use are sanitized and re-sanitized after each use
  • Passengers are required to wear protective face coverings as per Transport Canada requirements
  • Medical questionnaires are conducted for every passenger to ensure they are fit to travel
  • Passengers are asked to place their luggage on the scale, attach the bag tag, and bring all luggage to the oversize baggage scanner to reduce contact
  • For the safety of everyone, all frequently touched areas such as check-in counters are cleaned and sanitized after each flight
Air North plan on the tarmac with a bright orange sunset in the background



  • Our passenger service agents and passengers are asked to maintain physical distancing during the boarding process
  • Passenger service agents verify that all passengers are wearing required face coverings
  • Passengers are asked to hold up ID and boarding card to scan
  • For the safety of everyone, all check-in kiosks are cleaned and sanitized for each flight
Air North flight attendants onboard an aircraft



  • Our Boeing 737 jets are equipped with HEPA air filters, capable of capturing over 99% of microbes and bacteria in the air
  • High touch surfaces including seats, seatbelts, armrests, passenger service units, cabin windows, tray tables, overhead bins, galleys and lavatories are cleaned regularly with a hospital-grade disinfectant product
  • Flight attendants are encouraged to practice physical distancing guidelines
  • For the safety of all passengers and crew everyone is required to wear protective face coverings unless eating or drinking
  • We have removed pillows, blankets, and reading materials onboard to minimize contact surfaces
  • Passengers are asked to avoid lining up in the lavatory and galley areas of the aircraft while inflight
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of passenger aircraft is being completed as per Boeing and ATR guidance material, in conjunction with the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Travelling Public Program
Air North pilots in the cockpit of a Boeing 737


Contact Us

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Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you onboard again soon.