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Passenger Information on our Response to COVID-19

During this time of change and uncertainty, we’re proud of the flexibility shown by the entire Air North team as we modify our operations to safely and responsibly transport essential travellers and cargo. We are taking a proactive approach to managing the situation, which begins with monitoring the latest information and advisories from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Transport Canada and Global Affairs Canada. Our teams are working closely with all levels of governments and airport authorities to minimize contact at airports and onboard the aircraft as we continue to work together to protect our communities.

Bookings Prior to 30 April 2022

Air North will waive all change and cancellation fees. This goodwill policy is subject to the following conditions:

  • Applicable to all routes
  • Modifications to itineraries must be made at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure
  • New bookings are subject to availability
  • Fare difference applies if the new booking is at a higher fare than the original fare purchased
  • No refund will be given if the new fare is lower than the original fare purchased


  • All cancellations will be processed as customer credit for future travel
  • Credit will be valid for future flights with a scheduled departure within two years of the original travel date on the cancelled itinerary

If you booked directly with Air North through our call centre or on, you may use the online Manage My Booking tool or contact us toll-free at 1.800.661.0407 ext. 1 or (867) 668.2228 ext 1.

If you booked with a travel agent or online travel agency, please contact the agency directly to manage your booking.

We have made temporary modifications to our flight schedule to offer flights on an essential-travel only basis. All affected passengers have been contacted directly via the email address(es) on file for each reservation.


* IMPORTANT: We highly recommend that all passengers reconfirm their flight status at least 24 hours prior to departure. Schedule changes may occur as our team does their best to work through this situation. 

Effective 1 July 2020, all Air North passengers will have their temperature taken during the check-in process. After passengers have answered the mandatory health screening questionnaire, Passenger Service Agents will conduct contactless temperature screening using infrared thermometers. For connecting passengers temperature screening will be conducted at the gate prior to boarding.

If your temperature reads below 38°C (100.4°F), you will be permitted to travel.

If your temperature reads 38°C (100.4°F) or higher, you will be asked the health screening questionnaire again. You will be asked to drink water and sit down for 15 minutes before returning to the counter for a second temperature screening. If your temperature reads 38°C (100.4°F) or higher for the second time, you will be asked to obtain a note of medical clearance prior to travel and will be able to rebook your flight at no charge.


If you booked directly with Air North through our call centre or on, you may use the online Manage My Booking tool or contact us toll-free at 1.800.661.0407 ext. 1 or (867) 668.2228 ext 1.


If you booked with a travel agent or online travel agency (such us Expedia or Kayak), please contact the agency directly to manage your booking.

Effective 1 July April 2020, the Government of Canada requires all passengers to have a removable, non-medical mask or face covering to cover their mouth and nose while inside any airport buildings and aircraft. 

Passengers who are not wearing the proper face coverings may be denied entry. It is advised that people only enter the airport if it is absolutely essential. Yukoners are encouraged to use the free parking or the cell-phone waiting lot when picking passengers up.

Non-medical masks or face coverings should not be worn under the following circumstances:

  • Children under two years of age;
  • A passenger with breathing difficulties unrelated to COVID-19; 
  • A passenger who is unconscious; 
  • A person who is unable to remove their face mask without assistance; 
  • At the boarding gate, after handing documents to the Passenger Service Agent, a passenger will be asked to step back to an appropriate distance and lower their face covering for identity verification. After the verification is complete, the passenger must re-cover their mouth and nose before collecting their documents;
  • During the flight, when the safety of the person could be endangered by wearing a face covering; or when the person is eating, drinking or taking oral medications; or when a crew member authorizes the removal of a  face mask in case of special needs or unforeseen circumstances; 
  • At the Customs-controlled area of the airport. Travellers will need to lower their face covering to have their photo taken at the Primary Inspection Kiosk or when asked to do so by a Canada Border Services Agency officer or a Public Health Agency of Canada and/or provincial or territorial official.

Click here for more information on the use of non-medical masks and face coverings.

The Minister of Transport has issued the Interim Order to Prevent Certain Persons from Boarding Flights in Canada due to COVID-19 to assist with management of ill travellers at Canadian airports during the current COVID-19 disease outbreak. Air North is obligated to comply with this order.


1. Detection of ill travellers – Air operators, including Air North are required to observe and do a health check of all air travellers before they board the aircraft. The health check has been approved by the Public Health Agency of Canada and is based on guidance material published by the World Health Organization. The health check will be administered by an employee at the check-in counter asking the traveller several questions. Employees will also look for signs that a person is unwell at the check-in counter and/or boarding gate. You will be asked:

  • Do you have a fever and a cough?
  • Do you have a fever and breathing difficulty?
  • Have you been refused boarding in the past 14 days due to a medical reason related to COVID-19?
  • Are you the subject of a provincial/territorial or local public health order?

Passengers must answer all questions truthfully. If a passenger chooses to not answer the questions that we are required to ask, they will be denied boarding. A passenger who provides a medical certificate certifying that any symptoms referred to in this section that they are exhibiting are not related to COVID-19 is exempted from these health questions.


2. Denial of boarding – In the event that the air operator observes that the air traveller has COVID-19 symptoms or that their response to any of the questions on the health check indicates a need to deny boarding, or they refuse to answer the questions, we are required to refuse to board the person for travel for a period of 14 days or until a medical certificate is presented that confirms that the symptoms that the person is exhibiting are not related to the COVID-19 virus.


3. Provide explanation for future travel – Air North will explain to air travellers who are denied boarding, based on the health check or observation, that they will need to wait 14 days before they are able to fly or that they will need to provide a medical certificate indicating that the symptoms that they are exhibiting are not related to the COVID-19 virus.


When arriving at your destination, you may be subject to further measures taken by the provincial or territorial government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


As a reminder, no person should board a flight when they are feeling ill and could potentially put others at risk. Should symptoms such as a fever, cough or difficulty breathing develop while in flight, please notify the flight crew immediately.

Preventative Measures to Keep You Safe

We recognize that air travel in the Yukon is not a luxury, but a necessity for some. For those who must fly during this time, know that we are doing all we can to make your journey as safe and comfortable as possible. Safety has always been our top priority and this crisis has magnified our approach to every aspect of our operations.

A guest service agent behind plexiglass, wearing a cloth mask



  • Due to the necessary screening precautions being taken at the airport, checking in online is temporarily unavailable. Upon arriving at the airport, please present yourself at the check-in counter and a member of our staff will assist you
  • Markers have been placed on the floor at the airport terminal to indicate the required spacing for physical distancing (two metres or six feet apart)
  • Our passenger service agents wear gloves and washable, made-in-Yukon protective masks
  • Plexiglass barriers have been installed at check-in counters in Whitehorse, Vancouver, Old Crow and Inuvik to limit contact between passengers and agents
  • Passengers are asked to hold up their ID for verification rather than passing to the agent
  • As a preventative measure, passengers’ temperature will be taken without contact using a high-quality infrared sensing thermometer. Passengers with temperatures reading below 38°C (100.4°F) will be permitted to travel.
  • Pens for passenger use are sanitized and re-sanitized after each use
  • Passengers are required to wear protective face coverings as per Transport Canada and maintain physical distancing (two metres or six feet distance)
  • Medical questionnaires are conducted for every passenger to ensure they are fit to travel
  • Passengers are asked to place their luggage on the scale, attach the bag tag, and bring all luggage to the oversize baggage scanner to reduce contact
  • For the safety of everyone, all frequently touched areas such as check-in counters are cleaned and sanitized after each flight
Air North plan on the tarmac with a bright orange sunset in the background



  • Our passenger service agents and passengers are asked to maintain physical distancing during the boarding process
  • Passenger service agents verify that all passengers are wearing required face coverings
  • Passengers are asked to hold up ID and boarding card to scan
  • For the safety of everyone, all check-in kiosks are cleaned and sanitized for each flight
Air North flight attendants wearing cloth masks onboard an aircraft



  • Our Boeing 737 jets are equipped with HEPA air filters, capable of capturing over 99% of microbes and bacteria in the air
  • High touch surfaces including seats, seatbelts, armrests, passenger service units, cabin windows, tray tables, overhead bins, galleys and lavatories are cleaned regularly with a hospital-grade disinfectant product
  • Flight attendants are encouraged to practice physical distancing guidelines
  • For the safety of all passengers and crew everyone is required to wear protective face coverings when physical distancing is not possible.
  • Our standard in-flight meal and beverage service has been modified to provide passengers with water and their choice of pre-packaged snack
  • We have removed pillows, blankets, and reading materials onboard to minimize contact surfaces
  • Passengers are asked to avoid lining up in the lavatory and galley areas of the aircraft while inflight
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of passenger aircraft is being completed as per Boeing and ATR guidance material, in conjunction with the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Travelling Public Program
Air North staff wearing cloth face masks standing in front of a plane jet engine



Practicing good hygiene is an essential and effective part of preventing the spread of COVID-19. The following measures can help to protect yourself and others from getting sick:

  • Wash your hands often;
  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow or tissue and throw away;
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands;
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available

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Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you onboard again soon.